SOMA ENERG ETICS  ~  PHASE 1 SOUND THERAPY  TECHNIQUE * ** Last  Phase I Class  in 2016 * ** Saturday & Sunday,  Nov 12 - 13 , 2016 ~  9:00 AM to 4:30 PM with Lunch P rovided ~ ~ Learn How to Use the Powerful Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies ~ ~ B ecome Trained as a Sound Therapy Practitioner ~ UT - 396 hz RE - 417 hz MI - 528 hz FA - 639 hz SO - 741 hz LA - 852 hz Class Taught by Carla Reed , CMSTT Certified  Master Sound Therapy Teacher www.somaen For I nformation  & C lass  R egistration call  Carla at 509 - 599 - 0433 * Classes to be held at 21200 E Country Vista Dr # L - 104 Liberty Lake, WA 99019 You will  receive a  Certificate of  Attendance & be able to Purchase Your Very Own S et of beautifully  colored  Solfeggio Tuning F orks with  a  Life - Time Guarantee when you become trained in u sing the se powerful ly amazing frequen cies for  healing. Tuning forks online  are R eg. $2 22 .  Class Price for  Solfeggio  Forks  is  $ 1 99 ! Training Class re g . $299 ,  but SAVE $5 0 for $249 class!  Registration is Open! Total Cost - $4 4 8 Includes Forks * H owever, forks are  Not  Required to take the cl ass for $249. *Tu ning Forks and  Manuals  will  need to be Pre - O rdered , so therefore  M ust be  pre - paid with  a  minimum of  $ 2 50 . Remainder  paid or due before or at time of class.  Cash or Check Preferred,  but  Credit Cards Accepted *** Attentio n Massage Therapists : SomaEnergetics Energy Technique is Approved by National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork  (NCBTMB) as  12 hours  of Continuing E ducation upon  the  C ompletion of  Class . ,
This breakthrough experiential workshop will give you hands-on experience with the New and Innovative SomaEnergeticsTechniques.  Utilizing the latest technology, you will experience how the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies facilitate a sense of balance and harmony to reconnect you with your inner energy potential. Massage, Reiki and Polarity Therapists, Holistic Physicians, Energy Workers and individuals around the country are using these powerful, custom-made Solfeggio EnergyTuners and BodyTuners with the SomaEnergetics™ Techniques - Taking Sound/Energy Therapy to an entirely new level!  Hands on Experience with the SomaEnergetics Energy Vitality Technique Color Solfeggio Tuning Forks.   Own Your Forks,  A Training  Manual  & Learn  this  Proven Innovative Healing Modality